Thursday, 5 April 2018

Joyous occasion

My Baby Shower
This was such an amazing day for me because not only was I expecting and nearly due, it also provided me with the opportunity to spend time and catch up with my friends and family. My social life was practically non-existent up to this point due to the pattern I adopted; Work, Home, Sleep and repeat.

However, this day, this day guys, I'm telling you, will be remembered FOREVER! The love was real yall! It was a day filled with fun, laughter and my (unborn) little bundle of joy was showered with gifts and there was FOOD (obviously) because of the cravings tho !

Seeing all my primary school and secondary school friends at my shower, most of whom I had not seen in a while made the day extra unforgettable and special. I was so emosh! dam near brought tears to my eyes.Yep it did. Apart from the hormones ( from being preggers),

I was also feeling quiet down about life due to being stressed and tired, and did I say stressed ? the stress mayn! So seeing all my family and friends come together, celebrate and have an amazing time lifted my mood.

The theme of my shower was quite simple as I and everyone else knew I was having a boy, most of my decorations were blue and white (society rules), the decorations and displays were just gorgeous and totally adorable!

We used my sisters back garden and my friends old marquee because the weather was pretty unpredictable (London weather). Praise Jesus! The rain was held back, the wind was bearable and the sun was shining.

We played loads of games, for the majority of the games everyone got into two teams or pairs. Here are a few of the games we played and I would recommend;

*Making a diaper out of tissue- Guests got to get creative... Racing against the timer to create a well made, comfy and strong but unique diaper. The pair or group with the most votes wins.

*Guess the size of mummy's bump- Guests guess how big my bump was using some string which they cut. The string closest to the size of mums bump wins.

*Heads up- Everyone picks a subject e.g baby items...One person places the phone on their forehead they cannot look at whats on the screen. They have to guess whats on the screen whilst your other team mates are shouting out clues. The person holding the phone can then tilt the phone down if guessed right and tilt up to pass...but there is a catch your being timed. Most points wins. (kinder like sharades)

*Drinking out of a baby bottle-  Depending on how many bottles you have the guest had to drink either juice/milk, its your choice! but out of baby bottles and who ever finished their bottle first wins.

*POP- Two people have to work together to pop the balloon in between their stomachs.

My favourite game was pop even though I couldn't participate, watching everyone was so hilarious. The winners were given some great prizes, the food was yummy, it was an all round blessed day and a real reminder that I'm to blessed to be stressed.

My advise to expectant mothers would be to not go over board with baby shopping, especially buying a lot of baby clothes. As this tends to be what most people get you for your shower. You may not have planned one for yourself but you may have a surprise baby shower so still don't go over board. Unknown to me I had two surprise baby showers. One at work and one with a few of my fellow church friends, so three in total. I'm blessed.

A special thank you to everyone that helped organise, plan and surprise me with each baby shower. Thank you to all my amazing friends and family that joined me to celebrate and enjoy the day & for your very generous gifts.

Here is a short video showing my planned baby shower xxx


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