Thursday, 29 March 2018

Excess Baggage!

This one’s for the Mummas, Mummas... I’m sorry Ms Jackson... I am for realllllll... Never meant to NOT pack my bag.. ooooooooo !!!
Comment below if you get the reference above LOL

After reflecting on my pregnancy journey you can understand when I say I really left the packing of my maternity bag to the last minute. I remember dashing around Westfield; running around Boots and Primark, well tryingggg to run, just to make sure I had everything I needed. Honestly, packing my hospital bag was very overwhelming, of course me waiting to the last minute to shop was counterproductive. It looked like I was going on vacation lol, my bag was so big, I’m sure it could have passed for a suitcase. If I could press rewind I would definitely avoid packing too much because finding what I needed,  when I needed it, was a mission.

How can you be smart and avoid this mistake?
I suggest packing earlier than you think you should  and with the help of a friend, your partner or even a family member. This will give you more time and as the saying goes “many hands make light work”. It should then, not be as overwhelming and your helper can also assist you to identify when you are going overboard with packing your hospital bag.

Alternatively, you can slowly place a few new items into your bag with each passing day or week. For those who read my special delivery blog post, you already know that I would suggest that your bag be packed by the 7th month of your pregnancy journey. I packed for myself, my baby and my birthing partner. Ensuring I had enough stuff for during labour and after labour.

Packing your hospital bag is all about striking a balance with everything. Keep in mind that you may need to pack a few extras, unless you have someone who can collect a few bits from your home and drop them to you. Me, for example, I struggled with breastfeeding, it was a real challenge getting him to latch on to my nipple and so I had to stay in the hospital for longer than planned. I also was a young mum who they felt needed extra support with my baby (this is never a bad thing, I was glad for the extra support).  

Today's blog is about what I would suggest are the essentials you need in your bag:
15 Items for Mumma bear!
  1. Maternity notes.
  2. Maternity pads x60 (2 packets) keep some at home for your return.
  3. Black underwear x12.
  4. Warm socks I don't know but my feet were freezing after birth x5.
  5. Maternity bras/ nursing bras/ sports bras x3.
  6. Breast pads if your planning to breastfeed x20-30.
  7. Nightie or nursing PJ (breast feeding accessibility if needed).
  8. Towel.
  9. Dressing gown.
  10. Slippers and shower flip flops.
  11. Wash rag/ flannel.
  12. Maternity swimwear ( for water birth)
  13. Toiletries- toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, cream, deodorant, hair brush, hair band.
  14. Car seat.
  15. Loose and comfortable clothing to go home in.

10 Items for baby bear!
  1. Baby hat.
  2. 30 nappies. (1 packet)
  3. Baby towel.
  4. Baby socks.
  5. Baby blanket.
  6. Baby vest x7.
  7. Baby grows x5.
  8. Baby bibs/ or muslings x3.
  9. Cotton wool pads/ newborn wipes (unscented).
  10. Baby formula and baby bottle (in case breast feeding does not go to plan).
5 Item for your birthing partner!
  1. PJ.
  2. Toothbrush.
  3. Underwear.
  4. Towel.
  5. Slippers/ flip flops.

10 Entertainment / snacks!
  1. Water.
  2. Crisps.
  3. Energy drinks.
  4. Water based fruits ( watermelon, grapes)
  5. Camera.
  6. Chargers.
  7. Book/ kindle.
  8. Phone/ Tablet.
  9. Music- phone/ tablet/ i-pod and portable speaker.
  10. Cash for car park /bank card


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