Thursday, 22 March 2018

Roller Coaster

What a holiday!

I need to keep things real with you guys so lets rewind back to when I was pregnant. The memories of being pregnant are somewhat mixed between joy, fear, happiness, tears and definitely excitement. Ohhhhh I forgot to mention Sickness!

I remember going on a family holiday just after I had found out I was pregnant. I was so excited because I had not been abroad in years and this was my first time visiting Turkey. On my arrival to Turkey I was mesmerised by the views. We stayed in a city called Antalya, every hotel I passed looked like a royal palace. It was beautiful, the people were very warm and friendly, the air was so fresh and clean. Unbeknown to me, my excited bubble would be popped by this “wonderful” thing called morning sickness.

Now please can you help me by telling me who had the bright idea to name it “morning sickness”. Me? I have no idea whatsoever, all I know is that there’s definitely nothing morning about it. I was sick morning, afternoon, evening and night. I was constantly nauseous!

If you know me, I am all for being positive and staying positive but let me be honest and say positivity was not cutting it for me. Picture positivity here...and on the other side of the spectrum far, far, far, away was me at this stage. I was either lying on the floor of my hotel bathroom or puking in my bedside bins.

I had reached a point where I could not eat or drink anything whist on holiday. This negatively affected my holiday experience as a whole because all I could physically do was sunbathe. I felt absolutely terrible but I still had to put on a brave face, smile and pretend to the world that I was 100% okay. Bet you are wondering why I had to pretend... well, this was in the early stages of my pregnancy, let's say a couple of weeks so I was trying my hardest to keep it hush hush. I guess I did a good job even though I probably came across a tad bit grumpy or boring to my family/friends on holiday.

If you are pregnant right now you might be able to relate to my experience. If you know someone that is pregnant you’ve probably experienced the heat of their fiery words and emotional tantrums as well as their weird cravings. So thankfully upon my return to the UK my doctor had a life saving solution. He prescribed me anti-sickness tablets and signed me off from work for a week.

Bet some of you thought “ohhh what great news” but as some of you already know I struggle to swallow tablets. I struggled to keep them down but after day 4 of taking these sickness tablets. I felt better and so I stopped taking them.

5 things I wish I knew whilst on holiday;

1. Avoid strong smells- perfumes, cleaning products, cooking of foods. When you are pregnant your nose becomes your enemy so try to stay away from smells which trigger you to feel nauseous.

2. Find ginger - Raw ginger, ginger sweets, ginger tea...Everything and anything ginger. When back in London a friend suggested I try out these ginger sweets. I did and they were magic. I purchased mine from Holland and Barretts.

3. Eat water based fruits- watermelon, grapes, pineapple. I struggled with drinking water so it was very important for me to eat water based fruits.

4. Ice- chewing on ice chunks, crushed ice and slush puppies. Slush puppies are not the healthiest option but it help me. After work, without fail I would rush to Joe Delucci's in Westfield and order myself a large slush-puppie and I would instantly feel better.

5. Eat little but often- I mean very little even if its a few bites of some dry bread or crackers. It is better than nothing and believe it or not an empty stomach can make it worse because of the acid that builds up in your stomach.

But remember morning sickness is never the same for everyone. I would love to encourage those currently going through "morning sickness" to remember just like labour the pain does go away [Check out my blog post Special Delivery, if you haven’t already]. Before you know it, you will be holding your cutie pie.

To our supporting friends and family please don't judge our weird habits, unique craving and nauseousness.


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