Thursday, 8 March 2018

Special Delivery

"Sometimes happiness is a feeling sometimes happiness is a decision" 

My happiness started with a decision! 
I went into labour Saturday night but I was not even sure if I was in labour. I suddenly screamed "ouch" what's that? to my mate, she was like your probably in labour. So I called the hospital they said that I should time my contraction and come in if the pain gets unbearable. So I went into hospital around 4am and the midwife wanted to give me strong painkillers. I told the midwife I could not swallow tablets, but she insisted I tried. So I attempted to swallow the 2 tablets. Oh guess what happened, I instantly vomited everywhere, even on my midwife. So yes I felt sorry for her but I did say. My midwife started gagging and ran out of the room and puked. She said "I can handle blood, but I can't handle puke" LOL (Laugh Out Loud).

Next my cervix was measured and this was soooo painful. My cervix was 1cm dilated and I needed to be 4cm dilated to stay in the hospital's birthing ward, so I was sent home. Sunday at around 12pm I woke up and I literally felt as if I was dying. I called my sons dad but he was at work, I called my aunt who was my other birth partner and she was travelling out of London. I thought to myself "What!!! ooh no this could not be happening". But she told me not to worry, said she'll turn back and come to pick me up.  We got to the hospital at about 4pm my aunt was very fast but at this point I was only 3cm dilated. I was in agony climbing up walls (not literally), the pain was so severe words really can't describe the feeling. The midwife suggested to either go home to rest or go for a long walk. 

For real guys,I could barely stand up. But regardless I was told by my midwife and my aunt that I was handling the pain very well. Come to think of it, compared to other mums, I couldn't disagree because there were a few other women in labour and they were screaming and crying, I felt their pain. 

Long story short my aunt and I decided to go home. On the way out of Homerton hospital we bumped into these five ladies (church Aunties I would say). They were dressed in all white from head to toe. The ladies were asking me questions but I was definitely on another planet, so my aunt was replying for me. We did not even know them but they wanted to pray for me. I found this so cute. 
Considering we both believed in God my aunt said "yeah sure". Now they all gathered around me, laying their hands on me. Keep in mind this was right at the hospital exit. 

When I tell you, I jumped out of my skin LOL. The ladies shouted at the top of their lungs "in the name of Jesus this girl will give birth today! Her water will break today! She will have a safe delivery today! She will deliver a healthy baby today!" The other four ladies kept repeating "Amen, Amen, Amen!" in agreement. This was an incredible experience, everyone was just staring at me. I then said thanks and after that the wonderful, loving ladies disappeared. Like all of them gone, not behind me, not in front of me, nowhere to be found

My aunt left me to go bring the car round. I sat in the hospital Costa and waited and  KID YOU NOT! A couple moments later my water broke. A man next to me started busting up laughing. I was sooo embarrassed, another man asked me if he should go get my aunt who just walked out. My aunt came rushing back with a wheelchair she grabbed by the entrance. Best believe I slid out of the chair, it made me feel sick. As I stood up the same guy, started cracking up. He was really annoying but personally looking back, I do not think he was mentally okay.

Moving on, I get back up to the delivery suite and they finally let me stay as I was 4cm now. As soon as my midwife came in I asked for the gas and air, I remember inhaling it deeply till I passed out (this may be in my head but after each inhale I blacked out and was laughing). The gas and air was the best thing ever, it got rid of my pain instantly. About six minutes later I began screaming "I need to push, I need to push" the midwife was like no, no, not yet your only 4cm. She began to set the water as I had planned to have a water birth. 

Then his dad walks in, he walked across to my bed side that was free but he stopped "Oh wow, "I can see his hair" was his first words. The midwife said "WHAT! okay Britney slow down your going to fast". Man she was lovely but right then and there I wanted to slap her LOOOOOOL. With three pushes he came out. They put him on me and I cried get him of me. Honestly I don't remember why but Jeremiah was probably like "why is she sending me away? I'll show her" LOL. Guys he urinated on me. But after he was all cleaned up, I could not put him down.

I can truly say I experienced true happiness.This was my labour story. At the time I definitely didn't see the humour but now I can laugh. 

Three tips I would leave with expectant mothers are:
1. Make sure your hospital bag is packed by at least your 7th month of pregnancy (no harm in being early).
2. Stay local to your hospital area, nearer the end
3. Always go with your instincts, no body knows your body like you do.

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