Thursday, 21 June 2018


Do you love to have fun? I know I do!
Come to think of it we all do, each and every one of us, be it; babies, toddlers, children, teens or even us adults. 

As you can guess by my tittle today's blog is about our trip to the farm. Originally, the plan was to go to the beach with our play mates but the weather wasn't looking so promising (thank you London weather). Instead, we all decided to take a trip to Vauxhall city farm.
Now as you can imagine, this was a rare occasion for us busy Londoners to be able to take a trip to a farm and get to see, touch and hear animals sounds in real life. WOW! How amazing would it be if this was the norm?

Although, this was rare to us I must say we all had a spectacular time and it turned out to be such a beautiful day, packed with lots of fun and thrilling moments . Jerry and his play mate are both at that age where they are curious about animals and learning their sounds. This was a brilliant trip as he loved seeing all the animals especially the ducks and chickens. He loved hearing the cows mooing, sheep's baaaaaaaaaing (haha) and hearing him repeat the animals sounds was super adorable.

The farm really captured Jerry's full attention as we all made our way around. This trip was eye opening because I realised how much a toddler or child can learn from just visiting the farm. At ages 1-2 I feel that toddlers are not just learning animals and sounds, they are actually taking away so much more from the experience. For example, they can learn where the food that they eat comes from; chickens lay eggs  and cows produce milk. As they get older they will start to make the connections between farm animals and the food chain, helping them to appreciate food more. In addition, the children can learn how to care for animals.

If any of you are like me and are not so fortunate enough to get your child/ children a pet. Visiting a farm can give them that opportunity to interact with animals by; feeding, grooming or just stroking an animal. These are all incredible opportunities to equip your child with different skills. Both Jerry and his mate were so lucky because they both got to watch a closeup of a few girls horse riding in the fields. They loved it I was actually more scared than them.

My son has been scared of nearly every animal since birth so I was so proud of how well he handled seeing all the animals. You should have been there to see the look of pure joy and excitement on his face which made me smile. As we went around the farm, he would point to animals making his best impression of their sounds, sometimes trying to call them by their names. Jerry touched and stroked Cheddar the guinea pig with some encouragement this was one of his biggest achievements of the day.

This is a must guy! I would highly suggest that whether you are a; Mummy, Aunty, Daddy, Uncle, Grandparent, Cousin or even Godparent, that you take your toddlers/children to your local farm. If you can't find one in your area why not visit Vauxhall city farm? It's free admissions and its not to busy or packed. Taking your child to the farm will definitely aid their intellectual development and would also strengthen your bond by the quality time spent together. When we got home my son was so pumped about the animals, he was yelling animal sound around the house all week long! Haha precious!


Thursday, 14 June 2018

Dear Jeremiah

Dear Jeremiah,
Did you know you used to live in my tummy? I was only 21 when you were born but oh how you've changed my life already. I'ts been a year and a half and what joy you've brought to my world. You've turned me into such a strong woman who is now more focused than ever. Focused on creating a better life for you and me, a life where you can achieve all your dreams and prosper. A life full of happiness and cherished memories together.

Could anything prepare me for motherhood? After carrying you for nine months, there you were. Later that night in the hospital I stared at you in your cot. You looked so beautiful and calm as you slept. I often day dreamed of the future and how great you will be. My greatest heart's desire is to be nothing less than to be a good mother to you. I want you to know that sometimes it gets hard but I will never, stop striving to doing my best or ever stop loving you.

Do you know why I love you? As soon as you came into my life you've showed me the true meaning of unconditional love. Love that is freely given, regardless of situations and feelings. I remember when you had just turned 1yr and about 3 months, you threw my special money jar across the room then, ran around giggling. I was so annoyed and how you managed to reach it, I still have no clue. I sat there and couldn't help but stare because my heart was full of joy despite being really upset with you. Hearing the sound of your giggle softened my heart to the point where I could no longer be upset with you.
It was at that point that I realised how much your happiness means to me.

I love you, because you give me purpose. I love you, because your smile is infectious and your laugh makes my heart dance. I love how you pat my back whilst i'm hugging you, you make me feel so warm and snuggly. I love your sweet smell. I love you, because you've given me so much to live for. I love you because on a bad day you make everything so much more bearable. I love you because
Seeing you run around the house gives me energy when it's time for nappy/clothes change and you decide it's time to play 'catch me if you can'.
I love how excited you get when you see a ball.
All these things and many more make's you unique and this is why I truly love you!

I remember when you first called me "mumma" I nearly cried but when you called me "mummiee" I turned my head in shock and disbelief. Oh, how you've grown up so fast. I need you to stay small forever but I know that's not possible. So you've got my permission to grow up, just not too fast.
Love you forever and always

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